Consultation and Program Management

We begin by assessing your child and developing a treatment plan. Once the treatment plan is complete we meet again to review treatment recommendations and recommended services hours. A schedule is coordinated and services begin in the home and/or school setting. As parents, you work closely with us. 

The treatment team includes you and your child, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and 1-2 therapists with ABA experience. Our goal is to work closely together as a team and collaborate with other professionals such as your child's Pediatrician, other Specialists, Clinicians and teachers.

ABA at home

We work with your child and family where the challenging behavior occurs. We use a multi-faceted approach  of one-to-one therapy, natural environment teaching and caregiver training. We even involve siblings to promote generalization of skills to all family members.

ABA in the classroom

We work with your child and his teacher in the classroom. We use a multi-faceted approach  of pull-out one-to-one therapy, natural environment teaching and teacher training in the classroom. We involve peers in order to teach in-vivo social skills to your child and promote generalization of skills taught during structured one-to-one settings.

ABA in the community

We will support you and your child in all settings, including the community. Do you find it tough to go grocery shopping with your child due their behavior? Have you been wanting to go to the coffee shop, sit down and sip a latte but wouldn't dare try due to your child's behavior? We can accompany you on these community outings and make this possible. We can also go to nearby parks to work on teaching your child social skills.

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